GBP to AUD rate expected to continue its decline this week

AUD GBP Higher Again Despite WA Shutout

The Pound to Australian Dollar exchange rate has begun the week just north of the 1.80 benchmark level, which is around 3-cents lower than where the pair begun the week last week. There haven’t been many reasons for the Pound to climb in recent weeks and I think that until there is a new PM in place we could continue to see the political uncertainty continue to weigh on the Pound’s value which could push the GBP/AUD pair below the 1.80 level.

There will be a Reserve Bank of America meeting tomorrow and there are expectations of another interest rate cut, but as markets expect this amendment it’s already priced into the value of the Aussie Dollar. Despite this expected cut AUD is strengthening so I don’t expect to see the Aussie Dollar drop in value in it takes place, but I do expect to see the Aussie Dollar strengthen if the cut doesn’t take place.

Aside from this meeting the Aussie Dollar is being influenced at the moment but the US President’s trip to Asia, as not only has there been some positive developments between the US and China, which is a key trading partner for Australia, but we have also witnessed the first meeting on North Korean soil between a US President and North Korean leader and this has buoyed the markets. This kind of news is likely to further boost the Aussie Dollar, as it tends to gain in value in times of positive global updates due being a commodity currency.

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