Australian economy under pressure and Boris attempts to suspend parliament

AUD GBP Drops as Australian Business Activity Disappoints

The Pound to Australian Dollar exchange rate has been moving in a positive direction recently.

The Australian economy has been struggling as of late owing to a fall in house prices, rising unemployment levels and a cut in interest rates to their lowest level on record at 1%.

The ongoing US China trade war is causing problems for the Australian economy and this is causing an issue for the Australian Dollar.

The Australian economy is heavily reliant on what happens in China as as China is such a large importer of natural resources from down under this can negatively affect the value of the Australian Dollar.

China is growing at its slowest level in over thirty years and the Chinese Yuan is now at a 11 year low.

The ongoing issues surrounding the Chinese economy and its drop in demand for Australian goods has allowed the Pound to push above 1.80 vs the Australian Dollar recently.

There are also rumours that the Reserve Bank of Australia are under pressure to cut interest rates even further from their current levels.

Westpac is calling for an interest rate cut to 0.5% whilst Deutsche Bank has predicted that we may even see rates as low as 0.25% by the end of the year.

However, RBA governor Philip Lowe has suggested that they may even consider Quantitative Easing as a form of monetary easing.

Indeed, he spoke out recently claiming ‘we are prepared to do unconventional things if the economy warranted it.’

In the meantime things are up in the air politically with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson having moved to suspend parliament.

His aim is to remove the chances of MPs trying to legislate against a no deal Brexit. This has caused a lot of movement for GBPAUD exchange and I fully expect this to cause even further moves this week.

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