Three Year High for GBP/AUD Exchange Rate as Confidence in Conservative Majority Rises

AUD GBP Awaits Australian GDP Growth Figures

The GBP/AUD exchange rate rallied on Monday following a high investor confidence in the Tories securing a majority in Thursday’s General Election.

Confidence in Tory Majority Rises over the Weekend Giving a Boost to the GBP

Over the weekend, opinion polls showed further support for the Conservatives who now are edging the Labour party by around 10 percentage points. Also, yesterday was the release of Survation’s poll which showed the gap between the two front-running parties was 14 points. This may sound positive to the market and investors who are hoping for a Tory majority and a carry-through of Brexit going into 2020, but experts have cause for concern. They have noted that a wide spread has been observed concerning the Tory lead over Labour which has spanned from 6 points to 15 points. They warn that this seems encouraging, but should the figures show around the 6-7pts territory that a hung parliament will occur – which would be disastrous for the markets Brexit plans.

Trade Tariffs Could Weigh on the Australian Dollar

The AUD is still being held at the mercy of the US-China trade talks. Economists are predicting tensions to rise ahead of the US’s new tariffs on Chinese goods. Towards the latter end of the week, the US is expected to hit Chinese goods with added tariffs. US President Donald Trump mentioned this recently but noted that something could happen on the 15th December but for now the US is enjoying promising discussions with China about the trade talks. Reports out of China suggest that Beijing was keen to secure a deal with the US as soon as possible. Despite both parties still appearing to be optimistic towards a deal being reached, AUD has slumped following weak Chinese export data in November as exports to the US were down by 23%, which sees the twelfth consecutive monthly decline for these figures.

AUD is still waiting on RBA’s governor Philip Lowe to deliver his speech on the Aussie economy and to address last weeks weak economic data. Should his tone be dovish, AUD is likely to slump against GBP. For GBP, the GDP data for the UK is set to be released later today, should these figures be below expectation that could weigh on GBP.

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