AUDGBP Strengthens Against but AUD Lower Against USD and EUR

Australian Dollar Forecast: Why is AUD Gaining Against GBP?

The Australian dollar to pound exchange rate has started this week on the front foot, strengthening by as much as 0.5% throughout Monday morning’s trading session. The pound has been weakening across the board amidst Brexit negotiations starting up again this week, and the AUD’s position has strengthened with some positive news regarding a potential vaccine. There does however remain to be some downside risk to AUD value with concerns over the impact of further lockdown measures in the coming months. Australia Reach Vaccine Deal...
Australian Dollar Forecast Set for Bleak End to 2020

Australian Dollar Forecast: Will AUD Continue to Strengthen?

The Australian dollar forecast has had a pretty solid week of performance, hitting 0.6560 against USD, 0.5983 against EUR and 0.5378 against GBP.
AUDGBP Strengthens Against but AUD Lower Against USD and EUR

Australian Dollar to Pound Forecast: Why is the Australian Dollar Strengthening?

The Australian dollar's bout of strength against the pound continued yesterday, with GBPAUD falling by almost two cents during the days trading. This positive move in AUD's favor comes despite the UK relaxing some of their lockdown measures in a bid to boost the economy, whereas Victoria in Australia announced earlier in the week that some lockdown measures would be reintroduced. AUD Gains Despite Lockdown Measures Reintroduced In the UK, Boris Johnson announced at lunchtime yesterday that lockdown measures would be relaxed further as if July...
Australian Dollar Forecast: AUD Holds Firm Against US Dollar

Australian Dollar Forecast – Will AUD be Weaker Ahead?

Australian dollar forecast - The Australian dollar continues to benefit from a return to riskier assets after tackling the effects of Coronavirus.
Commodity Based Currency AUD Struggles During Global Uncertainty

What Can We Expect From AUDGBP This Month?

Since the middle of March the AUDGBP exchange rate has been making consistent gains. In a 10 week period exchange rates have increased by 10 cents, great news for any client selling Australian dollars to buy sterling. You can argue that COVID-19 has been a major contributing factor as the infection and death rate is much lower down under, which has helped Australians go about their every day lives in a much easier way than in the UK, even though large parts of Australia...
The fall in COVID cases throughout Oz has led to AUDGBP, AUDUSD and AUDEUR rate increasing throughout yesterday’s trading.

Aussie Dollar Weakness See’s AUD to GBP Forecast Downgraded

Over the past week or so we have seen the trend for Aussie dollar weakness against the pound, with AUD recovering a few cents from the one-way trend we had witnessed since the beginning of April. When compared to the pound the Australian Dollar has strengthened significantly during this timeframe, with AUDGBP gaining by over 10% over the past 4 months due to both Sterling weakness along with Aussie Dollar strength. Australia had previously been held in high esteem in regards to the way they...
AUDGBP Exchange Rate Starts the Week in Strong Fashion

Australian Dollar Forecast – Will AUD Strength Continue?

Overnight, the Australian dollar forecast has weakened slightly, as the latest Consumer Inflation expectations data released showed a small dip in consumer expectations of rising inflation. This is generally a sign that consumers are less positive about the future and indicates a lower probability of an interest rate hike. It is a fairly mid-tier release and hasn’t generated any dramatic market movement. GBPAUD interbank rates are currently 1.8311 whilst EURAUD is 1.6416. In other news in the last 24 hours the latest US Federal Reserve Interest...
AUDGBP Continues to Rise, But How Long For?

AUDGBP Continues to Rise, But How Long For?

Subdued start to the week for AUDGBP, AUDEUR and AUDUSD as the markets await for tonight’s mixture of surveys from down under and long stream of economic data from Australia’s leading trading partners to set the AUD onto it’s trend for the week. The AUDGBP rate has edged dangerously closer to it’s key resistance levels of 0.56, a mark we have only seen breached 4 times since the start of 2018 and certainly triggering the best opportunity to buy pounds with Australian dollars so far...
AUDGBP Exchange Rate Starts the Week in Strong Fashion

Australian Dollar Forecast – Will AUD Weaken in the Future?

Australian Dollar Forecast Breaking News – China bans Aussie beef and UK GDP shrinks -2% in Q1, GBPAUD back below 1.9
AUDGBP Exchange Rate Starts the Week in Strong Fashion

Australian Dollar Forecast: AUDGBP & AUDUSD to Keep Rising?

The AUD to GBP exchange rate has continued to climb since the 3rd April with rates moving swiftly from 0.48 to the current 0.55 with no signs of stopping. Aspects of this rise could be attributed to the UK’s two-front assault emanating from being the 3rd worst virus-hit nation bolstered by political detriment from the ongoing Brexit negotiations coming back into the picture. With the current deadline set for the end of this year, many analysts have suggested that a trade deal is not...