AUDGBP Strengthens Against but AUD Lower Against USD and EUR

AUDGBP: Sterling Loses Ground Against The Australian Dollar

The pound is fragile during times of global economic uncertainty and you can see this clearly by the fall in value against the Australian dollar.
Over the course of the last week the Australian dollar has done well against Sterling, the AUDGBP rate currently sits at 0.5651.

AUDGBP: Will AUD Break Past 0.56 Once Again This Week?

Those looking to buy pounds with Australian dollars might be paying close attention to this morning’s data from the UK’s lending market for indications as to how AUDGBP exchange rates might fluctuate this week. With the change in stamp duty charges in the UK a surge in consumer spending within the real estate sector was pinned as a key recovery factor for the UK economy in the weeks and months ahead although analysts seem keen to point out that this might only prove to...
AUDGBP Exchange Rate Starts the Week in Strong Fashion

Australian Dollar Forecast – Will AUD Weaken in the Future?

Australian Dollar Forecast Breaking News – China bans Aussie beef and UK GDP shrinks -2% in Q1, GBPAUD back below 1.9
AUDGBP Forecast: Will the Pound Break Past 1.84 Once Again?

Pound to Australian Dollar Rises after Long Period of Losses

The pound to Australian dollar has shifted higher this morning and remains comfortably above 1.80 although this is now a long way off those highs seen two months ago when rates were sitting comfortably above 2 for the GBP vs AUD pair. The Australian dollar continues to show incredible resilience having rallied 27% against the US dollar since March after it hit an 18 year low. The reason for the Australian dollar strength is down to the sharp improvement in risk appetite. The Australian...
The fall in COVID cases throughout Oz has led to AUDGBP, AUDUSD and AUDEUR rate increasing throughout yesterday’s trading.

AUDGBP Weakens as Victoria Announces New Lockdown Measures

The AUDGBP, AUDEUR and AUDUSD rate have weakened this week following news on Tuesday that localised lock down measures are to be re-imposed. As of midnight on Wednesday, Australia’s second largest city, Melbourne, will be shut down for six weeks and for the first time in 100 years, the border between New South Wales and Victoria will be closed. Australia has so far managed to control the virus far better than many other major economies, with a national total of under 9000 cases and just...
Australian Dollar Forecast: AUD Holds Firm Against US Dollar

Australian Dollar Forecast: Will AUDGBP Continue to Rise?

This month the Australian dollar has reached an 8 month high against sterling and over the last 10 weeks exchange rates have increased by 5 ½ cents. At the beginning of April the Australian dollar forecast was poor against sterling due to a steady increase in the pound's value off the back of a Tory majority Government and also due to the Australian dollar feeling the strain as a commodity currency because of the global uncertainty surrounding COVID-19. However as stated about since the start...
AUDGBP: Australian Dollar Weakens in Worst COVID-19 Day Yet

Australian Dollar Forecast Looks Strong as we End the Month

The Australian dollar forecast has continued to look rather positive vs Sterling as risk appetite has been rising since the height of the global pandemic. China has reopened and with cases in Australia at small numbers the Australian economy is doing well. Overnight we have seen risk appetite increase with Japanese stocks rising by over 2% following the Prime Minister Abe’s suggestion that further fiscal stimulus will be coming. Also, China’s Central Bank Governor has suggested that they will also be carrying on with their...
AUDGBP Exchange Rate Starts the Week in Strong Fashion

AUDGBP Exchange Rate Starts the Week in Strong Fashion

Sterling exchange rates have begun the week on the backfoot, with the AUDGBP exchange rate trending lower at 1.8240 at the time of writing. There has been a slight sell-off of the pound since we saw it climb to its highest level against the Australian dollar last week in around 6-weeks when the AUDGBP pair almost climbed as high as 1.84. Perhaps one of the reasons for the small sell-off of the pound can be attributed to the comments made last week by Michel Barnier,...
Australian Dollar Forecast – Unemployment Weighs on Sentiment

Australian Resentment Towards China Growing Following COVID-19

The Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne has challenged China over their behaviour surrounding the COVID-19 calling for a global review.
GBP AUD – Will AUD strengthen amid current struggles?

Will We See More Australian Dollar Weakness?

We have seen a good run of form for Australian Dollar exchange rates over the past few months, but there do appear to be a few crack forming around the Australian Dollar and there are now some analysts that feel we may start to see the AUD weaken off a little in the coming weeks. Firstly, cases are rising in Australia – Over the past few months Australia had managed to be one of the better performing countries in the world when it came...