What Can We Expect From AUDGBP This Month?

What Can We Expect From AUDGBP This Month?

Since the middle of March the AUDGBP exchange rate has been making consistent gains. In a 10 week period exchange rates have increased by 10 cents, great news for any client selling Australian dollars to buy sterling. You can argue that COVID-19 has been a major contributing factor as the infection and death rate is much lower down under, which has helped Australians go about their every day lives in a much easier way than in the UK, even though large parts of Australia...
AUDGBP: Australian Fears as Virus Cases Jump

Australian Dollar Forecast: Brexit Talks Continue This Week

The AUDGBP exchange rate continues its incline with a big increase this morning taking rates for the AUDGBP pair to a high of 0.5450. The Australian Dollar Forecast for AUDGBP exchange rates look set to be driven by Brexit talks this week. The Australian dollar has been boosted as economies around the globe have intervened with their own measures which has provided a slightly better outlook globally following the onset of Coronavirus. Australia has not been impacted as badly as other economies around the globe,...
Australian Economy Set to Take a Few Years to Recover

Australian Dollar Forecast: Further Tariffs from due China?

Over the past month the Australian Dollar forecast has consistently improved against the pound, rising by as much as 5% since the beginning of May. This week however, AUD rates have started to show some fragility and there have been some volatile peaks and troughs in AUD value. The strength of the Australian economy, and therefore the Australian Dollar is heavily reliant on their exports and relationship with their largest trade partner, China. In recent times though, this relationship has become strained, starting with Australia’s...
Australian Dollar Forecast: AUDGBP & AUDUSD to Keep Rising?

Australian Dollar Forecast Retains Majority of Strength

Since a week ago today, the Australian dollar forecast has continued to gain a little more ground against the majority of major currencies, despite news that hit the wires regarding issues with China and a limitation on various imports that may come into play, including, coal, iron ore and coral. With China having such a large influence on the Australian economy due to the close ties, historically any negative news from the Chinese economy or a rise in tensions can often lead to Australian dollar...
Will the Australian Dollar Continue its Trend Against GBP?

Will the Australian Dollar Continue its Trend Against GBP?

Since countries all over the world started to go into lockdown the Australian dollar has been making steady inroads against the pound. Exchange rates have improved from the low of 0.4882 that we saw at the beginning of April to 0.5408 at the time of writing this article. Australian Dollar Benefits Due to an Improvement in the Global Economy The Australian dollar is seen as a risk based currency, and now that the global economy is starting to tick over, commodity prices are on the rise...
Australian Dollar Forecast Looks Strong as we End the Month

Australian Dollar Forecast Looks Strong as we End the Month

The Australian dollar forecast has continued to look rather positive vs Sterling as risk appetite has been rising since the height of the global pandemic. China has reopened and with cases in Australia at small numbers the Australian economy is doing well. Overnight we have seen risk appetite increase with Japanese stocks rising by over 2% following the Prime Minister Abe’s suggestion that further fiscal stimulus will be coming. Also, China’s Central Bank Governor has suggested that they will also be carrying on with their...
Australian Dollar to Pound Forecast: Why is the Australian Dollar Strengthening?

Why Does the AUD to GBP Exchange Rate Continue to Rise?

AUD to GBP exchange rates have been on the rise since the start of April and mid-market exchange rates have increased from 0.4882 to 0.5352 (9%).
AUD Exchange Rates Fall Against USD, GBP and EUR

Australian Dollar Forecast: Will AUD Continue to Strengthen?

The Australian dollar forecast has had a pretty solid week of performance, hitting 0.6560 against USD, 0.5983 against EUR and 0.5378 against GBP.
AUD to GBP Slower but Brexit Could Accelerate Rates Again

Australian Dollar Forecast: AUD Rally Continues

The Australian dollar has strengthened significantly this month against GBP, USD and EUR and this AUD rally has continued at the start of this week and over the past seven days. The main drivers behind AUD gains continue to be due to the country’s handling of the Coronavirus crisis and the control of the spread, along with a renewed confidence in investors and an expectation of increased demand for Australian exports. The Australian economy is heavily reliant on its exports of raw material such...
Australian Dollar Forecast: AUDGBP & AUDUSD to Keep Rising?

Australian Dollar Forecast Impacted by UK Unemployment

Australian dollar forecast: The pound to Australian dollar exchange rate has once again come under pressure, falling to its lowest level in a number of weeks.